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About the LDC

The Livonia Democratic Club (LDC) is the only official, chartered political operation of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) in Livonia, MI. 

The LDC is a group of civic-minded Livonia residents committed to promoting progressive policies and candidates to further our goals of building a more inclusive, just, and equitable community for everyone. 

The LDC is proud to constantly support the principles, beliefs, and values of the DNC and MDP.

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The Livonia Democratic Club has existed in some form since 1987. The modern incarnation of the LDC goes back to 2004, when the officers and members of the club officially documented its existence by ratifying the governing bylaws and submitting them to the Michigan Democratic Party. Soon after, the MDP chartered the LDC as an official extension of the state party. 

More recently, the LDC has conducted both Executive Board and Membership meetings each month, and has worked hard to expand membership and further progressive policies within the city and throughout the state as part of the Michigan Democratic Party.

In the past few years, the LDC has played an important role in getting Democratic candidates elected to local, state, and national positions. This includes State Representative Laurie Pohutsky, U.S. Senator Gary Peters, U.S. Representative Hayley Stevens, and Livonia’s first female mayor, Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan. 


The LDC consists of the Executive Board and the General Membership. Membership is open to any Livonia residents who want to help make Livonia a better and the surrounding areas a better community. 

Along with joining the LDC, we encourage all Livonia residents to become members of the Democratic Party at the national, state, and local levels. We also encourage members to become more engaged by becoming candidates for club offices, neighborhood precinct delegates, public office, and officers or delegates to the MDP or presidential delegation at Democratic National Committee (DNC) national conventions.

Livonia residents can join the LDC as:

  • A family for $25/year
  • An individual for $20/year
  • A student for $10/year

Membership includes access to all General Membership meetings, which are held monthly, access to candidate campaign materials (literature, yard signs, etc.) during election years, voting rights for club resolutions, a voice in setting the club’s agenda and planning club events, the ability to run for the Executive Board and join club committees and working groups, and the irreplaceable feeling of being a more engaged member of the community. 

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Executive Board

2023-2025 Term

  • President: Kate Shishkovsky
  • Vice President for General Operations: Louise Weller
  • Vice President for Political Operations: Ed Gonzalez
  • Treasurer: Pat Wells
  • Secretary: James Amin
  • Digital Communications Director: Jason Rodriguez
  • Trustee: Christopher Lee
  • Trustee: Barbara Pattee
  • Trustee: Renay Weiss-Stansell
  • Officer-at-Large: Carrie Budzinski
  • Officer-at-Large: Mitsy Morris
  • Officer-at-Large: Nancy Osborne
  • Officer-at-Large: Chris Hench
  • Officer-at-Large: Michael Klotz

2021-2023 Term

  • President - Kate Shishkovsky
  • Vice President of Political Operations - Michael Klotz
  • Vice President of General Operations - Louise Weller
  • Treasurer - Christopher Lee
  • Recording Secretary - James Amin
  • Digital Communications Coordinator - Jason Rodriguez
  • Trustee - Barbara Pattee
  • Trustee - Joe Gilligan
  • Trustee - Renay Weiss-Stansell
  • Officer-At-Large  - Mitsy Morris
  • Officer-At-Large  - Pat O'Neil
  • Officer-At-Large  - Nancy Osborne
  • Officer-At-Large  - Chris Hench
  • Officer-At-Large  - Jeff Everett

2019-2021 Term

  • President - Kate Shishkovsky
  • Vice President of Political Operations - Dennis Nazelli
  • Vice President of General Operations - Louise Weller
  • Treasurer - Christopher Lee
  • Recording Secretary - Renay Weiss-Stansell
  • Digital Communications Coordinator - James Amin
  • Trustee - Pat VanVuren
  • Trustee - Joe Gilligan
  • Trustee - Sue Ahrenhold 
  • Officer-At-Large  - Pat O'Neil
  • Officer-At-Large  - Lynn O'Neil
  • Officer-At-Large  - Nancy Osborne
  • Officer-At-Large  - Dave Osborne
  • Officer-At-Large  - Donna Sprague

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Proudly moving Livonia forward since 1987.

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