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  • Monday, November 23, 2020 3:59 PM | Jason Rodriguez (Administrator)

    During November's membership meeting, the Livonia Democratic Club voted to release two resolutions celebrating the hard work of Livonia's public officials. 

    In the first, the LDC expressed appreciation to City Clerk Susan M. Nash and her staff for their commitment to a free and fair 2020 election and their tireless work before, during, and after Election Day. 

    You can read the full resolution here.

    In the second, the LDC expressed appreciation to both the Livonia and Clarenceville Boards of Education for their excellent handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and their commitment to the safety of our children and the staff of both school districts. 

    You can read the full resolution here.

    We're proud of the work our community has put in to keep our city—and our democracy—safe in the face of unprecedented challenges in 2020. And the LDC looks forward to working with our community and our elected officials in the future. 

  • Monday, November 09, 2020 8:00 AM | Jason Rodriguez (Administrator)


    Livonia Citizens Band Together to Help Elect 15 Democrats

    Livonia Democratic Club fundraised, canvassed, and rallied local citizens to achieve an unprecedented number of victories in the 2020 election.

    Livonia, MI: Amidst rising political tensions, a group of Livonia, MI, residents mobilized to help elect 15 Democrats to public office in the 2020 general election.

    Livonia, a city of around 94,000 people, has traditionally voted Republican for decades—due in part to its older, affluent, and overwhelmingly white population. But, largely in response to Donald Trump’s 2016 electoral college victory, a growing coalition of progressive residents have been working hard to turn Livonia and surrounding communities blue, an effort that paid off in last week’s election. 

    The Livonia Democratic Club—or LDC—has existed since the late eighties in various forms and has seen its ranks swell in the past few years. Prior to 2018, LDC meetings consisted of less than two dozen people gathering in either a hotel conference room or a small office to discuss issues facing the city. Today, the LDC has over 440 paid members, many of whom gather on monthly Zoom calls, figuring out ways to safely mobilize and change the political makeup of the city. 

    The club has spent the last year raising funds, building strategic partnerships, mailing out campaign literature, and safely knocking on doors around the city in order to move the needle for Democrats on the ballot in 2020. On election day, dozens of LDC members volunteered as poll workers, adjudicators, and advocates across the city’s 44 precincts. And, with a record number of absentee ballots cast in Livonia, LDC members worked tirelessly to ensure that the 44,000+ absentee votes were properly counted over the course of 24 hours after polls opened on Tuesday morning. 

    All of their efforts over the last campaign season culminated with huge wins for Democrats at the national, state and local levels. Of the 18 candidates endorsed by the LDC, 15 won their races. While LDC members would love to take credit for bigger wins like Biden and Harris, Gary Peters for U.S. Senate, and Haley Stevens for U.S. House of Representatives (Michigan’s 11th District), they recognize that their efforts made the most difference in smaller state and local races. In particular, LDC efforts helped Michigan State House Representative Laurie Pohutsky (House District 19) win by 258 votes out of 58,700 total votes, fending off a conservative challenger who was backed by DeVos family money, well-financed Republican PACs, and the state Republican Party itself.

    “We’re proud of the work our members have put in this past year,” says club president Kate Shishkovsky. “And we're just getting started. We plan to keep working to improve our community in multiple ways, to make life better for everyone.”

    Club treasurer Christopher Lee added, “The work doesn’t stop with the 2020 election. We’re putting our foot on the gas and keeping up the fight for a more progressive, equitable, and inclusive community—in Livonia, Michigan, and throughout the United States.” 

    Although the LDC will celebrate these victories in an upcoming membership meeting, the executive board is already preparing for next year’s City Council elections and figuring out ways to work with Livonia’s city government and its residents to tackle some of the biggest issues facing the city, from racial profiling in the police department to its crumbling infrastructure and helping the nearly 8% of Livonia residents who live below the poverty line. 

    About the Livonia Democratic Club: 

    The Livonia Democratic Club (LDC) is the only official, chartered political operation for the Michigan Democratic Party in Livonia, Michigan. The LDC is committed to promoting progressive candidates and policies and works with elected officials, city employees, local businesses, and Livonia residents to improve our community. 

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